The Himalayan Quest 2005

Monday, August 01, 2005


The Mystery Lake.
Rupkund - The mysterious alpine lake in the heart of Himalaya. Where the wrath of Goddess Nanda Devi was unleashed 1200 years ago. Where the unfortunate many, lie dead and their bodies lie frozen. Where few tread fearlessly.

This is our destination. To pay homage to the 300 odd lying in an icy tarn, dead and forgotten. To stand in awe of the majestic peaks of Nanda Ghunti and Trisul, standing respectively to the North and East of Rupkund. To wonder as to what prompted a set of people, all those years back, to cross the icy reaches of the Himalaya. Where they fleeing ? Where they on a pilgrimage ? Or where they just sight-seeing ?

The planning started 10 months back. Initially it was just Sanjeev, Sreepad and I. Ranjith, Kannan and Chandan joined in and we finally had a team of 6.

One last word, before I start the travelogue. The lake Rupkund, and the skeletons lying in and around it, is an archeological treasure. But since the day in 1942, when it was first discovered, trophy hunters and pilferers have been pillaging through the skeletons. Most of the undamaged skulls are now gone. I do not know what the goverment can do in this regard, since it may be impractical to post a forest guard to look after the lake's well-being as the region is uninhabitable (All of 5000 metres above sea level. Not even grass grows here.). But, I sincerely implore all those would-be trekkers to Rupkund, please do not disturb the dead. By all means go and see. But carry back nothing but the memories.


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